1. The renter confirms to have read and understood conditions in valid price list.
  2. For any damage which is caused during the rental period by the car or its use, and which is inflicted on the car, any third party or third party property, the renter is liable if the damage was due to carelessness or negligence or infringement of provisions of this contract.
  3. For any other damage the renter is liable irrespective of fault, limited upwards to collision damage, NOK 10.000, -. This liability becomes inoperative if the damage and loss of income are paid by third party. Any payment by third party for such damage and loss of income to the company will be repaid to the renter.
  4. Liable Collision Damage amount with respect to the above mentioned point 3, will be reduced to NOK 4.000,- if the vehicle was rented with Collision Damage Walver and renter/driver has not been careless or negligent. This does not apply for damages on the upper part of chassis of vans/trucks.
  5. The renter or driver of the car must satisfy the age limits entered at any time in the company’s price list and must have held a driver’s license for at least two years.
  6. Any accident which may lead to liability in excess of NOK 3000, – shall promptly be reported to the company. Failure to do so may cause the renter to be held liable for all the resulting damage.
  7. The renter is obliged to return the car to the company at the time entered in the rental contract, unless he has obtained the company’s permission to extend the rental period. Such extension is valid only when the agreed extension and the renewed return date, signed by the company, has been entered on the company’s contract copy.
  8. Each hour or part thereof beyond each full day will be charged ¼ of the rental day price until the full daily rental has been attained.
  9. The company is not obliged to make a replacement car available in the event that the rental car becomes for any reason unfit for driving in the rental period.
  10. The renter or driver shall:
    • Not infringe §§ 21, 22 or 23 of the Road Traffic Act, which in particular prohibits driving when the driver is in such condition that he cannot be regarded as fit to drive safely, whether the reason is that he is under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicant or soporific, or that he is sick, weakened, worn or tired. The law considers the driver to be under the influence of alcohol if he has a higher alcohol concentration in his blood than 0,02% or an alcohol quantity in the body which may lead to such an concentration.
    • Drive carefully
    • Not use the car out of Norway without the written permission of the company.
    • Not to leave the car to other than those approved in advance by the company.
    • Not use the car for racing, speed tests, competition or other kind of test driving.
    • Not carry more persons than the car is registered for.
    • Not use the car for towing of pushing.
    • Not leave the car unlocked.
    If any of these provisions is infringed, the renter will be liable for all and any financial loss caused thereby, whether or not customary all-risk insurance would have covered all or part of the loss.

  11. If the car is returned with the speedometer seal broken, the renter shall pay for the estimated distance driven, at least 300 km per day.
  12. The renter shall be responsible for having the car greased and oil changed in accordance with the company’s instructions, and for preventing any frost damage.
  13. In the event of fire, forced entry or attempted theft of the car, it shall not be moved until the renter has reported the matter to the company and/or the police. If the car is moved before the police arrives, the company may be unable to claim under the insurance, and the renter will be held liable for all and any loss which may thereby be caused to the company.
  14. The renter is legally and financially liable for all parking and traffic offences. Unpaid of delayed payment of parking/toll roads offences will be liable to an extra charge of NOK 200,- incl. tax.
  15. The company pays repairs that are due to normal wear or unforeseen engine breakdown during the rental period. Repairs that exceed NOK 600,- shall not be started without the company’s permission.
  16. Any change of car on account of engine breakdown or other damage will be charged to the renter. The company is not liable for any loss, direct or indirect, which the renter might sustain on account of the rental car not being driveable.
  17. Should the driver not be the receiver of rental invoice, the driver is required to give correct all relevant details, such as address etc, to the rental station. Failure to will result in the drivers resuming responsibility for the invoice.
  18. Any dispute relating to this rental will be decided by the courts in the company’s venue. The renter accepts the company’s venue as his own.